Our specialities...

We offer specialities from own production, guaranteed without preservatives, food colors and taste amplifiers. No chemical treatment used , all articles are 100% biological products.

Smoked specialties
Smoked trout from our brook - entire trout100 g1,70 €
duck breast100 g6,00 €
Scottish salmon100 g6,00 €
Homemade jams
Peach with basil220 ml3,50 €
Plum jam220 ml3,50 €
Elder jam220 ml3,50 €
Onion jam220 ml3,50 €
Orange jam220 ml3,50 €
Rhubarb jam220 ml3,50 €
Strawberry jam with pepper220 ml3,50 €
Elder jelly220 ml3,50 €
Mirabelle jam220 ml3,50 €
Gooseberry with lemon and lavender220 ml3,50 €
Dandelion jelly220 ml3,50 €
Peach with 5 spices220 ml3,50 €
Fir-sprout jelly220 ml3,50 €
Redcurrant with mango and ginger (for the man)220 ml3,50 €
Apple jelly220 ml3,50 €
Quince jelly220 ml3,50 €
Gooseberry with coriander220 ml3,50 €
Salmon100g6,00 €
Magret de canard fumé100g6,00 €
Different products
Dried stinging nettle20 g2,00 €
Biological peppermint tea from our garden15 g2,50 €
Meat spice70 g3,00 €
Windstein's yellow boletus spice40 g4,50 €
Marinated garlic with safran and cinnamon vinegar220 ml4,50 €
Wild garlic pesto with olive oil220 ml4,50 €
Homemade goose liver pate with pear william100 g13,00 €