Abhyanga Massage with Oil (two-handed full-body massage)
A rejuvenating oil massage with pure herbal oil. Designed to deeply penetrate the skin, abhyanga restores energetic balance, calming the nervous system and stimulating arterial circulation. Skin is soft and smooth. The Abhyanga massage has a considerable relaxing, therapeutic and reinvigorating effect and creates balance between inner and outer self.

90mn / 75 Euro
Abhyanga without head and face massage 60mn / 50 Euro
Abhyanga without head, face and foot massage 45mn / 40 Euro

Shiro-Mukabhyanga:relaxing face, head and foot massage
Traditional Indian head, neck an shoulder massage using nourishing warm hair oil. This treatment is performed before each Ayurvedic facial or body treatment to replenish vital organs and revive sensory energy. Remaining true to its origins, this facial hair and scalp massage combination stimulates the lymphatic system and leaves your skin and hair thoroughly nourished, warmed herbal oil and custom made masques.

45mn / 39 Euro
With arm and belly massage 55mn / 48 Euro
With back massage 70mn / 60 Euro

Padabhyanga: Foot and leg massage
Padabhyanga, ayurvedic foot and leg treatment, involves a massage with integrated Marma therapy as well as integrated Marma therapy with special strokes and kneading of the feet, calves and knees. It exercises a comforting and calming effect on the entire organism and also helps alleviate headaches, insomnia, nervousness and coldness.

45mn / 40 Euro
Padabhyanga with hot leg mask 45mn + relax time 45 Euro
Padabhyanga only foot massage with warm oil 30mn / 29 Euro

Upanahasveda: Ayurvedic back massage
Upanahasveda, the intensive and effective back treatment involves a special back massage with integrated Marma point treatment. Tension and blockades resulting from stress are gently loosened by means of selected herbal oils. Your back feels light and strengthened. Through fine strokes and special taps in conjunction with the integrated Marma therapy, it results in a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of absolute well-being.

75 mn + relax time 65 Euro
45 mn 40 Euro
30 mn 29 Euro

Garshan The Raw Silk Glove Massage
Garshan is a whole body massage designed to stimulate the metabolism and lymphatic system using gloves made of raw silk. Garshan causes toxic substances to be removed from the metabolism also stimulating weight reduction. In addition, this gentle massage possesses an exfoliation effect. Extremely effective in the case of impure skin, fasting cures and cellulitis. The massage also has a harmonising and revitalising effect.

60 mn / 50 Euro
30 mn / 29 Euro

Samvahana: Ayurvedic oil- and silk cloth synchronous massage with salt peeling
The strokes of this massage are unique in that they are designed to increase the body's circulation and flow throughout the body. Samvahana also know as Abhyanga stimulates the circulatory, immune and nervous systems. This massage rejuvenates the skin and body tissues, relieves stress, and revives the body and mind.

120 mn / 85 Euro
70 mn / 65 Euro